3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS / Film.        

 We are shooting this 3 beautiful and big Christmas films,  to honor the Birthday of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, by reminding everyone that Christmas is Jesus Christ's Birthday, not Santa's Birthday. 

  We are shooting the first one in all 50 States of the USA, in November 2018, and the second one, we are shooting it in some countries around the world, also in November 2018.

The third one, we are shooting it here in the USA, in Los Angeles and in NC, in November 2018.

   In each 50 States in the USA and every country in the world who will participate, we will shoot,  3 minutes short films, with a short synopsis we will provide, then we will put all the shorts films from the USA together to make the first big film, and all the short films around the world together, to make our second big film.  About our third film, a part of it is already filmed, for the rest of the work, we will do it with our Team. The filming will take place in November 2018  for all 3 films.  

We also welcome anyone who want to act in the films for free and get credit from the film and a copy of the DVD of the film you acted, contact us at;   [email protected]



We invite everyone who would love to honor the Birthday of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  to spread this great message with us to the world,  to join us by Sponsoring  financially to this projects.

The funds you  give us, is going to help us to pay for; the recording of the music , filming, editing in all 50 States in the USA, in some countries around the world, and in Los Angeles, USA,  then mixing,  publicity and distribution.

The goal is to raise a minimum of $1,000,000. to fund this 3 significant and meaningful projects.

For a sponsorship of a $1000.  We thank you so very much and give you the credit of a Producer in one of the film of your choice, among the 3 films.  You will also receive a package of those 3 films in DVD's, plus my Book called; Thank you America;Book One, where the story of these 3 films came from. Plus 3 copies of my collection of the Thank you notes from; 3 Presidents of the USA, Starting by President George W. B,  President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, President Donald Trump.

We also greatly appreciate contributions of any amount from anyone who will love to participate financially,  please donate today here in this page, by clicking to the shopping cart button above, in your right, next to my picture, Thank you.

You can also donate by check payable to Ngombe Mayunda, mailed to this address;  

2509 Lemontree Ter,

                          Springdale,  MD  20774, USA.

Please donate today and share the invitation  with your family and friends for them to donate too. 

Thank you in advance for your donations, may God bless you more.

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