I am Ngombe  Mayunda, Founder & Owner of this  organization called;



Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, my Friend and my best Friend.  I love Him so very much above all. 

 I am here on earth to represent Him and to do His will.  As He told us in  Mark  16; 15-16  " He said to them,  go into the world, and preach the Gospel to all creation.  Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved,  but whoever does not believe will be condemned"  

  So I created this Organization to help me bring  the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world for the salvation of the souls.   I had an idea to  create  an international bank called;

  PEACE and LOVE CHRISTIAN BANK,  to help me finance  the global evangelism, to win more souls  with every strategies  the Holy Spirit  is  giving .

 We working very hard to make preparations for the second coming of our Friend and Best Friend  Jesus Christ.    We write and  produce;  Music, Films, Books, Videos and more , to spread the Gospel and to raise funds for our bank.

Come join us if you want, we will have so much fun serving the Lord.


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