Your letter from JESUS.

 Hello my beloved !

 Happy new year to you !

I love you so  very much and you are so precious to me.

This new year is going to be great for you.  We are going to accomplish so many projects together to bring lots of souls to our Kingdom.

Be strong and courageous for I am with you.  I am going to help you and work with you.  Keep your eyes on me, do not be afraid.

 Respect and love all human being, they are all so precious to me.

Help the poor I will put around you, all those homeless, abused children, single women and more... they are all so precious to me.

Pray, pray and pray more for your President and your country.

Thank you for everything you are doing so far for me.

I am going to bless you more, so you can  be a blessing to others. 

Stay blessed !  Love you for ever, 

Jesus Christ, the lover of your soul .

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